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My wife and I bought a condo in Bowling Green, Ohio. The master bedroom was a beautiful loft design with double windows on the stairway landing leading up to it. Mary voiced her desire to have our bedroom downstairs so it took me about a second to claim the loft as my writing and video game room. My claim stuck and even more surprising was that she left the interior decorating to a horror writer. I had gargoyles, hanging plants and scary pictures. The double windows on the landing provided an abundance of light, but the room had an atmosphere of darkness. Dark and spooky was my comfort zone.

Two of our granddaughters, about 4 and 7, were staying the weekend. I was in my room writing. Okay, fine, I was playing video games. The girls were playing quietly on the landing under the double windows.

The time of their visit came to an end and we drove them home. We dropped them off in front of their house, kissed them goodbye, waived to their parents and pulled away. We hadn't gone very far when Mary said she had something to tell me, but I had to swear that the information would never cross my lips. She was intent on keeping the promise she had made to the girls. I swore, crossed my heart and pledged to die if I broke the promise.

With my promise secured she went on to tell me about the made-up game the girls were playing on the landing under the double windows, right there on the very threshold of my dark kingdom. They were playing a game in which they were protecting the world from a horror known as Grandpa Evil.

Oh, how I laughed. How I loved it. I wanted to use it, but my promise had been made. I had to take Grandpa Evil with me to my grave. Well, so much for promises….sorry girls. It wasn't long after that my imagination rewarded me for my integrity and ScaryBob was born.

ScaryBob a.k.a. C. Robert Cales, author of paranormal thrillers.

The Bookseller:

A rare book dealer is on a collision course with a violent South American drug cartel with a new high tech method for smuggling cocaine.

The Bookseller / Amazon

The Bookseller / iTunes


Devil Glass: 

A beautiful archaeologist is about to discover an ancient artifact with a horrible secret.

Devil Glass / Amazon




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