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 Marsha Thatcher 5 stars:

I was privileged to receive a copy of this book from the author to review. I’m an avid reader, but am normally too squeamish to tackle anything from the horror or occult genre. However, after reading this, I may have to revise my thinking. I was totally immersed from the first page. The characters and settings in The Bookseller are so completely developed I could see it all in my mind’s eye. I wondered how a centuries-old “haunted” house, a rare book store and a South American drug cartel could possibly have anything in common. The story moved along quickly, tying it all neatly together, all the while evoking a range of emotions; happiness, fear, contentment, dread, horror, disbelief, to finally, relief. I cannot fathom the depths of this writer’s imagination, yet wonder what other tales he has to offer in the future.


Kirk D. Bailey 5 stars:

Not at all what I expected from the title, I was drawn in by chapter one. Tied down in my chair by chapter four. Fortunately my wife forced me to stop and eat periodically and sleep once in a while, or no doubt I would be writing this from beyond the grave. Seriously though, with characters you love to like and others that leave a foul stench in the air. Robert will keep you wondering till the final page. There is nothing predictable about 'The Bookseller.' Except satisfaction. KDB